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Midwest Water Treatment – Water Conditioning | Caro, MI Water treatment

Midwest Water Treatment offers water conditioning and treatment services for residential and commercial customers. We are authorized dealers of Hague and our salt is Dura-cube. Visit us in Caro, MI today.

Water Softener Service

Your water softener’s resin tank contains thousands of tiny resin beads which hold minute, electronically charged ions. These beads are filled with sodium which is responsible for converting hard water into soft water.


Over time, these beads get filled with calcium which makes them unfit to soften water further.


Let our professionals regenerate your water softener. We service softeners of all brands and models.


Call us right away at 989-673-5277 so that we can make sure your softener is functioning the way it should.

Soft Water With Our Water Treatment Service


Get a FREE water analysis for reverse osmosis, as well as for water conditioning and softening today.