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Midwest Water Treatment – Water Conditioning | Caro, MI

These water filters come complete, ready to install, including instruction manuals. It is easily connectable to your refrigerator and ice maker and can be used with water softening systems.


Rent to own program that fits your budget and requirements.

Protect your family by giving them safe and great tasting water with our reverse osmosis water filters. Midwest Water Treatment in Caro, MI has been providing quick and convenient water treatment services since 1978.

Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Complete Cleaning Of Water You Use For

  • Drinking

  • Cooking

  • Washing fruits and vegetables

  • Clear ice

  • Pets

  • House plants

New Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

  • Advanced reverse osmosis filter removes all contamination

  • Compact 4-stage design easily fits under the sink

  • Typically removes 99% lead, mercury, asbestos, and 90% of nitrates and many others

  • Eliminates scale build-up on coffee and ice makers

We will also give you a 30-day FREE trial and FREE water analysis for reverse osmosis as well as for water conditioning and softening.

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