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Midwest Water Treatment – Water Conditioning | Caro, MI

If you're looking for a water softener or a drinking water system, contact us. Apart from charging only $0.99 for normal installation, we give you the first month rent FREE.

Water Softener

Effects Of Hard Water

  • Faster wear and tear of clothes

  • Damage to washers

  • Film build-up on glasses and dishes

  • Dry skin and dull hair

  • Difficulty in cleaning kitchen and bathrooms

  • Requires more soap and shampoo for cleaning

Call us at 989-673-5277 for more details about our 30-day FREE trial offer!

All our water softeners come with manufacturers' warranties, so that you know you're making a worthwhile investment that's going to last longer.


We also deliver salt to your home. Buy 10 bags and we will give you 1 extra bag for FREE. Call us at 989-673-5277 for more details.

Manufacturers' Warranties

Water Softener